We get a lot of questions about Merchello each week, either through our website or on the forums.

Below you can find a list of the most common questions we get asked. We'll try and keep adding the more common questions as and when they arise.

It can handle as many as your setup/server can handle. We know of a site with over 100K of products with no performance issues.

Again, it's down to your setup or your Umbraco installation. Merchello can either use Umbraco or Guest Checkout, if you choose to link it to the Umbraco membership then it would be down to how many members Umbraco can handle.

This is done quite often and is more of a function of the Umbraco implementation than it is a Merchello feature.  By default, Merchello simply looks to Umbraco to determine whether or not the Umbraco Member is logged in and uses that information to decide whether or not to create an anonymous customer or customer object.  Page rendering is solely an Umbraco function.

Merchello has a system of data modifiers that can be used to adjust pricing displayed/charged to customers. It would require it to be custom developed, but it is possible.

Yes, Merchello ships with Product Filters which you can attach to products. We then have methods you can use to get the products by the collections/filters. You will need to develop the UI that your customers interact with, in effect we give you a library to be able to do this.

Yes, Merchello works on Umbraco cloud. However, at the moment there is no way to push the Merchello data through environments. So for example, you would not be able to create a product locally and then push it to dev. It would need to be created in dev too.

It 'should' be possible to load balance Merchello, however, if would require additional development and if you are considering doing this then book in a Skype session with us to discuss it further.

Not out of the box, however you would need to create a custom Notification provider or Payment Provider to do this. We are looking at the possibility of releasing paid plugins, and Xero will possibly be one of them.

Yes, as long as your Payment provider supports it. Merchello ships with a Braintree provider which has Subscription support.

Yes, we are already working on v8 support for Merchello.

It's hard to say, as a lot of agencies don't tell us when they launch them. However, you can see a number of them in the Merchello in the wild section. But we would estimate anywhere between 60 and 100 live websites using Merchello. Merchello is installed or upgraded anywhere between 3 to 6 times a day. 

You can contact us and let us know the feature you want, if it's something that will benefit the rest of the Merchello community, then you can sponsor a sprint. We'll work out the time to develop it and give you a cost.

Yes, we can offer Skype consultancy or we can do custom development.