Merchello Starter Kit

FastTrack for Merchello is our new starter kit, to help you get up and running quickly

Why use FastTrack?

FastTrack is the new fully built starter kit for Merchello, essentially an install and go store. What makes the new starter kit really cool is that you can quite easily move the store into your own existing site without too much fuss (As shown in this article on Skrift).

We wrote a blog post about FastTrack which explains the concept of FastTrack and how you can use it as is, or customise part or all of it to suit your needs. 

The full FastTrack source code is also in Merchello, so you can see how it is built. FastTrack is literally just an implementation, built on top of the starter kit foundation Merchello provides. You could easily make your own implementation, following the same pattern or just take parts of the FastTrack you need and custom roll the rest.

To install FastTrack and get all the document types and nodes, you need to use the Umbraco package. The FastTrack Nuget package is just for the binaries (Core code), which is the same as the Merchello.Core Nuget package.


Download Starter Kit

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Get all the documentaion you will need to get started with Merchello.

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Download the Merchello package via our.umbraco, or fork the project on Github.

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